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The Event

In its 27th year of delivering World class triathlons at inspired CBD locations, the Fitness First Corporate Triathlon National Series – Australia’s largest corporate sporting event - attracts over 17,000 competitors to its five events across Australia.

This event is a great opportunity for some healthy corporate sporting competition, while enhancing the expereince by competing for a cause;

                                                                    Event Course
    Melbourne - Sunday, 2 March 2014        400m · 10km · 4km
    Perth - Sunday, 9 March 2014                400m · 10km · 4km
    Adelaide - 23 March 2014                       300m · 9km ·   3km
    Sydney - Sunday, 13 April 2014              300m · 8km ·   3km
    Gold Coast - Saturday, 3 May 2014,       400m · 10km · 4km


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